Accordiana (EXCELSIOR) Accordion

This is a full size professional accordion, completely serviced and in need of a good home. I like to restore these vintage instruments. They speak to me. The wooden body and reed blocks of this instrument are now more than 60 years aged and produce a rich spectrum of harmonics. The sound is alive and projects without effort. I love the ivory "water-fall" key tops and the weighted keys. After the service this keyboard is silent and with smooth action. The key valves are about 1/4" thick, same as on the Sonola SS10 models. If you have played the 1950's Hohner Morino in excellent condition you know what performance to expect from the keyboard. The switches work well. The compression is excellent. The reeds are clean and responsive. At some point the wax replaced and holds great. The instrument is clean and comes with good straps and case and a full year warranty serviced at the Accordion gallery in Landing, NJ.

I serviced the instrument in October 2017:
- overhauled the keyboard
- rewaxed and tuned the reeds as needed
- cleaned and lubricated the bass machine
- optimized the action of the treble and bass switches
- cleaned entire accordion

This Accordiana is like an Excelsior OO with hand-finished reeds. The quality of the wood used for the body and reed blocks is as important as the quality of the reeds when it comes to its effect on the tonal quality and projection. Using naturally aged wood results in a stronger a richer tone. This instrument has the advantage of aging additional 60 some years since it was made. Meanwhile it was played and well maintained. If you've been tempted to try or own one of these accordions this is a good opportunity to acquire it without the uncertainty of the "pawn shop" style descriptions on eBay. The accordion is offered only for the cost of restoration (labor of love) and comes with a full year warranty.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions or to schedule a visit to the Accordion Gallery and play this accordion yourself.

The keyboard was serviced in October 2017. The valves are excellent. I optimized the keys travel and action.

Restoring these 1950's accordions is very rewarding. There is so much presence in the sound,
beautiful overtones, lots of character. I love them. It feels great to have given another fine instrument a new life!

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