American Made EXCELSIOR NY Model

This is the original, the highly collectible, Excelsior NY from the Golden Age. The instrument will remain in the Hall of Fame of Excelsior along with the famous OO model, the Symphony, the Magnante series ... what a sound these accordions produce! This particular instrument is in excellent condition. It has the original hand-made Excelsior reeds. The mechanical action is very good, the compression is excellent, the tone is rich with depth, brilliance, and heart warming harmonics. Regardless of what accordion(s) you currently play this Excelsior will find an honorable place in your collection and in your life as a musician.

I serviced the instrument in March 2015:
- overhauled the keyboard
- rewaxed and tuned the reeds as needed
- new shoulder straps
- new bass strap
- new bellows protector

- new grill cloth There are not many American made NY model accordions for sale. People tend to keep them once they are lucky to find one. This is one of the cleanest and best sounding 1950s accordions I've seen. The chrome plating throughout is clean and shiny. The instrument has a presence you can feel and hear through the vibrations and beautiful overtones. If you've been tempted to try or own one of these legendary accordions this is a good opportunity to acquire it without the uncertainty of the "pawn shop" style descriptions on eBay.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions or to schedule a visit to the Accordion Gallery and play this accordion yourself.

Shallow travel, fast action keyboard
New grill cloth

American walnut keyboard

I doubt you can find a NY model with a better keyboard action.

New felt in the key bed, excellent new valves

New wax, new bellows gaskets, original Excelsior reeds

Restoring these American made Excelsiors is challenging but very rewarding. There is so much presence in the sound,
beautiful overtones, lots of character. I love them. It feels great to have given another fine instrument a new life!

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