SEM Model 502D Cassotto MIDI Accordion
Excellent Acoustic Accordions with Stereo Amplification and MIDI !

Dear Accordion Friends,

It is a pleasure to present this beautiful top of the line SEM  502D MIDI accordion. It still looks like new. It was imported without the brand name attached to the grill, possibly by Iorio. I can provide a name plate in case the new owner has any preferences. The instrument features professional quality hand made reeds, stereo amplification, and full 16-channel MIDI controller. You can control all electronic functions from the grill. The buttons are very reliable and easy to operate. The bassoon and clarinet reeds are in a tone chamber. Another set of clarinet and a set of piccolo reeds are outside the chamber. The tuning is almost dry with a very mild swing feel on the violin switch, often found on American-made Excelsior accordions. The entire instrument and it is in excellent condition. It was meant to be a gift and remained a back-up instrument that didn't see almost any action. The keyboard is a delight to play. The bass machine is absolutely silent. All MIDI functions work. The microphones are the crystalline type still preferred by some professional musicians because of their "warmer" sound compared to Sennheiser.

The following (optional) MIDI modules/arranges are available for purchase with this accordion
This is a very versatile instrument in great condition. You can play it as a fine acoustic accordion, as an amplified accordion, as electronic MIDI instrument, or in any combination of these features. I have tested all acoustic and electronic features and they work perfect. The balance is very good. The tone is harmonically rich and powerful. This is a top of the line high quality reliable accordion. With a pretty grill the same instrument retails for more than $8000.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions. I am certain you will be pleasantly surprised to learn the price of this professional quality set-up. 

The grill controller is very logical and user friendly. The instrument is easy to program and allows the musician access
to individual sounds selected by they band and program number. It is possible to store user presets using the on-board memory.
This way the performer can recall the entire setup for a particular song or music style directly from the "Presets" keypad.
A brief user-friendly manual is included and in less than an hour anyone could become an expert on this grill controller.

Four key tops have surface hairline cracks, barely visible. The performer can't feel these imperfections since
 the key tops remain smooth to the touch.

The next series of photographs show the interior of the accordion. You can see the high quality materials and craftsmanship.
Some classic features typical for top of the line instruments are the well varnished mahogany body, oversized tone chamber,
hand made reeds with genuine leather valves, internal bellows gaskets...
The accordion interior is pristine.

Excellent hand-made reeds, highly polished reed blocks, neat professional MIDI installation

The reeds have been waxed and nailed in place - this is the time proven method of the old masters.

The bass side MIDI contacts are mounted outside of the actual bass mechanics and don't cause any interference.
The installation and cables routing is very neat and professional. The electronics operation is very reliable.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions.
I am certain you will be pleasantly surprised to learn the price of this professional quality set-up.

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