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The new and improved battery packs for Roland 7 / 7X, and 8X digital accordions are now available in stock at the Accordion Gallery.

DR600 Roland battery, designed by Dubi Rainis

For questions and orders call 973-770-6877.

Meet the Bulgarian who repairs and balances bellowing boxes

BY Leah Mishkin, Correspondent

A nice article in the NYT about the Accordion Gallery:

The Squeezebox Surgeon

JAN. 11, 2018

Selected MIDI Accordions

New 37 and 38 keys accordions - light weight, compact size, hand-made reeds


Happy Holidays to all our
friends and customers!

Thank you for your support and trust.

May the Inspiration remain with you throughout the New Year.

Happy Holidays!Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!

Life is good with music!


The Accordion Gallery will offer many legendary vintage accordions as well as some of the best new accordions with generous holidays discounts till the end of the year.

Call us at 973-770-6877 with any questions about our inventory or any particular accordion brand/model you are interested in.


The Bulgarian Cultural Center of PA, NJ, and DE cordially invites you to attend the 5th annual festival for the celebration of May 24th, the day of the Bulgarian alphabet and culture. This year’s festival will take place on June 10, beginning at 1pm at


The Siwa & Figli and Accordion Gallery featured artist Ivan Milev will perform with his colleagues Entcho Todorov (violin) and Seido Salifoski (percussions).

Ivan Miulev BandIvan Milev Band
Ivan Milev Band

For more information about the Celebration, please follow the link below:

5th Annual Bulgarian Festival


The Super Quattro Artist was inspired by some legendary accordions like the 1960's Scandalli Super VI and the 1980's Guerrini President as well as 60 years of combined experience of Ivan Stanojlovic at Siwa & Figli and Guenadiy Lazarov at Accordion Gallery.

The 6-row B-system chromatic model sets the quality standard for the new chromatic Balkan accordions made today. If you play this type of instrument we invite you to the Accordion Gallery to try one of these special accordions. Chances are you will bring it home with you. 

Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Artist Chromatic Accordion

Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Chromatic AccordionSiwa & Figli Super Quattro Chromatic Accordion
Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Chromatic Accordion

Selecting a Siwa accordion you partner with a team of musicians, craftsmen, and engineers with  knowledge of the time-tested accordion building practices and access to state of the art technology, a team enriched with experience of restoring more than 1000 accordions and able to combine the best features from all of them, a team with a vast network of accordionists constantly providing their feedback. You become part of a Community.

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Phil Bonsiero
Phil Bonsiero
New Siwa Models

New Siwa Accordions

Siwa & Figli Catalog
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Happy New Year!

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