BELL Gold Amplified Accordion

This is a special BELL Gold accordion custom built for Aldo Mencaccini by Bugari in 1999. I remember Aldo telling me the story of this accordion design. He was on a quest to find the perfect tonal balance between treble and bass and believed he needed to select different reeds for both sides of the accordion to achieve his goal. All reeds in this instrument are hand-made and have been selected by Aldo himself. This approach is expensive and can't be used for mass production. I don't know exactly how many of these BELL Gold accordions were made that way, probably less than 10. However, I do know that Aldo was selling them to some of his close friends. (I am aware of only 3 other such models - one was made for Carmen Carozza's nephew, one went to a partner of Aldo who helped him with the Solton/Ketron business, and one is in my personal collection.) This particular instrument was built for for Lenny Feldman.

When Lenny Feldman received his new BELL accordion and introduced it at the AAMS Accordion Convention I was really impressed and even a little envious. On Saturday evening after the concert there was an informal session for people who would be willing to get together and play the accordion. I was standing across the conference room (pretty large size) from Lenny with a glass of wine in my hand. Each time Lenny would hit the bass I would see standing waves forming on the surface of my wine. This was so cool and a real manifestation of the amount of sound energy produced my these fabulous reeds. Since 1999 I've learned a lot more about accordion manufacturing. I can assure you this instrument is a spectacular accordion and whoever gives it a new home will be very happy and proud to own and play it. 

The accordion features hand-made reeds, double tone chamber, the optional gold plating, and excellent mechanics throughout. Limex microphones with separate treble and bass volume control complement the acoustic accordion. 

Here is a summary of the features:
The new owner will enjoy a robust smooth mechanics and impressive tonal richness and character.

Call Melody at 732-252-8205 with any questions or to discuss possibilities to try this beautiful instrument.

The accordion had a Limex MIDI that was carefully removed and doesn't affect the acoustic performance of the instrument.
The small round hole at the lower side of the grill (upper photograph) is from the MIDI connector.

The label on the lower right bass side reads "EXCLUSIVE Made for Bell Corp."
The serial number 148 is edged underneath.

Call Melody at 732-252-8205 with any questions or to discuss possibilities to try this beautiful instrument.

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