BELL Tone Chamber Accordion
with built-in microphones and electronic organ sounds

Bell accordions have been among the most respected instruments for decades. There are many reasons for this well deserved high reputation. Originally, Aldo Mencaccini made Bell accordions in New York. When the manufacturing was moved to Italy he has collaborated with some of the best companies like Scandalli, Sonola, and recently Borsini. This particular accordion has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery and is ready for decades of trouble free performance. It features a double tone chamber made of a solid mahogany, professional quality reeds with genuine leather reed valves, and excellent mechanics throughout.

The accordion can be played as an acoustic accordion without any of the electronics. You can play it amplified using a standard 1/4" jack audio cable and any amplifier with the corresponding 1/4" input. There are separate volume controls for treble and bass conveniently installed on the grill. 

The accordion is ready to play. It can be used as a fine acoustic instrument without any electronics.

Call us at 973-770-6877 with any questions, for a phone demo, or to schedule your visit to the Accordion Gallery where you can try the accordion yourself.

The built-in microphones can be accessed from a 1/4" pick-up mounted at the bottom of the grill (photo below).
There are separate volume controls for treble and bass located above the treble switches (photo above).

The accordion has mahogany body and a single piece mahogany tone chamber. I have removed the chambered
reed blocks to show better the interior. The wax and the reed leathers throughout are in excellent condition.

The electric contacts in the bass machine are designed in a clever way and don't interfere with the smooth mechanical operation.

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