Beltuna Euro IV MIDI Amplified Accordion

This professional Beltuna accordion would be a dream instrument for a polka player or a musician who loves the open projection of non-chambered instrument with hand made reeds. In addition to being a lovely acoustic instrument with perfect mechanics, it has factory installed MusicTech KING MAJOR MIDI and stereo Sennheiser condenser microphones.

Please, note that the treble switches indicate LMMH reed configuration with piccolo reeds. However, this accordion has LMMM reed configuration with very special custom tuning. The fundamental pitch is 441 Hz allowing for a very nice blend in the 440-442 Hz range, excellent for playing with other musicians, for recording etc. The M2 reeds are tuned 6 cents sharp, resulting in M1M2 violin sound preferred for gypsy jazz and swing (semi-dry) musette as well. 
The M3 reeds are almost in unison with the LM1 reeds and the M1M3 switch gives you the special "Excelsior sound", also used in many Balkan accordions.

Here is a summary of the features.

The following (optional) MIDI modules/arranges are available for purchase with this accordion
The instrument still looks like fabulous. There are very few signs of use, most notably some glue residue on the bass side where a name plate was placed. I have included a close-up picture. This can only be seen at a particular angle and light settings. A customized name plate could be placed in the same area. The new owner will have the option to request such a plate be included with the instrument.

The accordion has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery and  is offered with one year warranty. The new owner will enjoy a beautiful instrument with smooth mechanics, impressive tonal character, and very strong sound projection. The MIDI will open a whole new world for orchestration and musical expression. The microphones can be used independent of the MIDI. Call me at 973-770-6877 to schedule your visit to the Accordion Gallery and try this beautiful instrument. 

The MIDI controller is programmed. Through the gill panel the performer can recall any preset, activate bellows dynamics,
turn on/off each MIDI channel etc. A manual is be included with the accordion.

On the bass side there is a slight glue residue from a name plate (see the close-up photo below). It is visible under
certain angle and strong light. I would offer the new owner the option to select a personalized name plate and will
include it with the instrument to be placed over the same area.

The reeds are hand made and very responsive.
The microphones and MIDI are professionally installed at the Beltuna factory without
any interference with the acoustic and mechanical components of the instrument.

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