Beltuna Euro IV MIDI Amplified Accordion
Special Radica Model

This professional Beltuna accordion would be a dream instrument for a polka player or a musician who loves the open projection of non-chambered instrument with hand made reeds. In addition to being a lovely acoustic instrument with perfect mechanics, it has factory installed MusicTech Music Maker MIDI with built-in sound card and Sennheiser condenser microphones.

This is the special radica wood model. The reed configuration is LMMM with custom tuning allowing for both swing and fabulous Italian musette. The accordion was built in 2014 and looks, feels, and plays like new. The instrument is offered with the Accordion Gallery comprehensive 2-year warranty. 

Here is a summary of the features.

The accordion can be played without additional MIDI modules using the hundreds of built-in sounds and effects. However, if the performer desires to use external MIDI module it is possible to use it in addition to the internal sound card. Any MIDI module will work with this state-of-the-art system. The following (optional) MIDI modules/arranges are available for purchase with this accordion:
The accordion looks fabulous. It is offered with two years warranty serviced at the Accordion Gallery. Local support is very important.
The new owner will enjoy a beautiful instrument with smooth mechanics, impressive tonal character, and very strong sound projection. 
The MIDI will open a whole new world for orchestration and musical expression. The microphones can be used independent of the MIDI.

Call me at 973-770-6877 to schedule your visit to the Accordion Gallery and try this beautiful instrument.

The MIDI controller is programmed. Through the gill panel the performer can recall any preset, activate bellows dynamics,
turn on/off each MIDI channel etc. A manual is included with the accordion.

The microphones and MIDI are professionally installed at the Beltuna factory without
any interference with the acoustic and mechanical components of the instrument.

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