Beltuna Prestige IV C "Special" Accordion

It is a pleasure to present this beautiful Beltuna accordion. This is the special Gold Edition "Walnut Root" Compact model with 41 keys and 120 bass buttons, all in ivory finish. The accordion body is carved from a combination of aged woods. All hardware and bellows corners are gold plated. There is a tone chamber for the bassoon and clarinet reeds and a bass chamber for the lowest octave reeds (low G bass configuration). The mechanics is flawless. The tone is rich, warm, and powerful - the classic Beltuna sound. 

Here is a summary of the features:

The reed combinations highlighted in blue correspond to very mild tremolo (swing tuning). The reed configurations highlighted in red correspond to rich musette. The instrument can be used for any music style.
This accordion is spectacular in any aspect. You will be instantly addicted to its visual appeal, smooth mechanics, and live and rich tone. Offered with two years warranty serviced at the Accordion Gallery in Landing, NJ. Local US support is extremely important. Overseas shipping is expensive and risky and turn around times are long.

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