BELL (Borsini Super Star) Professional Accordion
with condenser microphones

This is a Borsini Super Star accordion made for BELL in 2004 and one of the last professional Super Star models that Aldo Mencaccini personally serviced before his retirement in 2006. Aldo founded BELL accordions and was the owner of the company till 2006. He meticulously checked each accordion he imported. The Bell instruments he made himself in the 1950s in New York remain to this day among the most desired instruments for their ergonomics and tonal richness. Over the years Aldo had Bell accordions made by other companies in Italy like Scandalli, Sonola, Bugari, and Borsini. In all cases Aldo kept the specifications tight and made sure the quality was consistent.

Borsini accordions have a distinct sound - rich, happy, ringing. The instruments are very well designed and are a pleasure to play. The Super Star is Borsini's most popular model among professional musicians. It features hand-made reeds, double tone chamber, elegant classic body, and flawless mechanics throughout. The instrument presented here has condenser microphones. This is a one-owner accordion.

This is a very well made professional accordion backed by the reputation of Borsini and Bell Accordions' founder Aldo Mencaccini. This instrument has excellent acoustic tonal quality and is suitable for any type of repertoire.  Call 973-770-6877 for a demo or to schedule an appointment for an exciting visit to the Accordion Gallery.

The accordion has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery in February 2019 and is offered with two years warranty.

The accordion comes with new Italian shoulder straps.

The next photograph shows the 9V battery powering the amplification and the bass condenser microphone.
The battery is new.

Professional hand-made reeds, some of the reed plates are engraved with "Borsini" and "SUPER STAR".

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