Brandoni 37/120 LMMM Musette Amplified Accordion

This is a nice light-weight new accordion from Brandoni's Classic Line. The instrument features 4/5 sets of hand-finished reeds with a variety of musette sounds, excellent mechanics, and condenser microphones. The company is well established and has kept consistently high quality over the years. This accordion is offered with 2 years warranty. The sound is clear and vibrant. The open grill allows for an excellent projection. You can enjoy concert (dry) sounds like bassoon, clarinet, and bandoneon, swing sound in the M1M2 switch, and several types of musette sounds - see the next section for list of reed combinations for each switch. According to the Brandoni catalog the weight is 21 lb. This particular instrument weighs 22.8 lb  with the padded straps and bellows protector. 

This is a very versatile strolling accordion. The compact size and light weight make it a good choice for young people and strolling musicians. The full tonal range of the 4/5 sets of reeds and custom musette tuning will allow you to perform a variety of music. This is a new accordion and is offered with 2 years warranty serviced at the Accordion Gallery in Landing, NJ. 

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This is one of the best luxury accordion cases available today. It features form-fit internal padding and cover
for keyboard protection, reinforced corners, and wheels for easy handling. The keys are included.

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