Bugari Concert Accordion - Model 289 / ARS / C4
Dear Accordion Friends,

This is a rare opportunity to present one of Bugari's concert converter-bass instruments. This is a new accordion made in 2018. The accordion was custom-ordered by the North-East US dealer without the chin switches. Here is a link to the specs from the Bugari web site:

Bugari catalog page for the 289/ARS/C4 model

The accordion features extended keyboard range E-C, double tone chamber, hand-made Cagnoni reeds, and a 120 bass chromatic converter bass machine. The bass section can play either preset chords (Stradella system) or single notes (C-system chromatic converter). This way the performer can play music originally written for piano or organ.

Here is a summary of the features:
Here is a link to a video by a talented young musician performing with this Bugari model:

Sonata d-minor K141 L422 P271 "Toccata" by Domenico Scarlatti

This new showroom accordion is offered with two years warranty.
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