Bugari Model Gold Plus Accordion
Dear Accordion Friends,

I am pleased to present another special accordion, the Bugari Gold Plus model. This is Bugari's top of the line Gold Edition instrument with 4/5 sets of hand-made reeds and a double tone chamber. The reed configuration is LMMM with several types of musette available along with the concert tuned L1M1 reeds that are in the tone chamber. The company has selected the finest Magnatera reeds for the bass section, double-riveted in the Bass and Tenor sets. The treble reeds are MAZZIERI. I have to admit this is the first time I have seen reed plates stamped with this brand. Upon close inspection of the reed tongues and the overall response and efficiency I would compare them to the Gola reeds used in the newer models. There are some similarities with Binci as well. The instrument is very air efficient and plays without effort. The tone cold be soft and gentle but also loud and far-projecting depending on the bellows pressure.. 

The accordion is tuned to 440 Hz with the out-of-chamber clarinet reeds M2 and M3 set to -8 cents and + 18 cents, respectively. This tuning allows for American swing sounds with the M1M2 reed combination, Italian/German musette with the M1M3 reeds, and French musette with the M2M3 and MMM reed combinations. 

I find it interesting that most of the internal components are stamped with the serial number 1 - treble and bass body, all reed blocks etc. Could this be the first Gold Plus model the company released, or possibly the first one a a limited edition series? The accordion does have a special tonal character and was obviously built with love and expertise. This is a one-owner accordion purchased new in 2002 and played professionally till 2016. At that time the owner ordered a new Bugari Gold Plus and traded-in this instrument. You can see some scratches on the body. There are signs of removed microphones. However, the accordion still looks gorgeous and projects a beautiful rich tone. It has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery and is offered with a full year warranty. I think the new owner will be very pleased. 

Here is a summary of the features:
This is a very well designed and built accordion. It has been played enough to develop its full potential and still be in very good to excellent condition. It could be a great instrument for classical, jazz, and many ethnic music styles, truly a versatile accordion. The special selection of some of the best hand-made reeds results in a perfect blend between treble and bass, harmonic richness, and impressive response and dynamic range. The grill is open and allows for excellent projection. The accordion is one of the best the industry can produce. Serviced at the Accordion Gallery and offered with one year warranty.

Let's take a look under the grill...
All treble valves are made of natural white felt and leather and are in excellent condition.

The interior is beautifully finished. The accordion and the reed blocks are made of solid mahogany.
The serial number 1 is stamped on many internal parts including all reed blocks.

The reed blocks are secured in the middle to maintain uniform pressure along the entire length.

The MAZZIERI hand-made reeds sound very similar to the reeds in some of the newer Hohner Gola models.

Inside the bass section...

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