CRUCIANELLI Tone Chamber Accordion

The Crucianelli company was famous in the 1960-80's. Many of their accordions ware made for Faithe Deffner and sold as PAN-Italia and Pancordion and some were made for Aldo Mencaccini and sold as Bell Duovox. Crucianelli also made accordions sold as Arpeggio and Philharmonic. This particular accordion has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery and is ready for decades of trouble free performance. It features a double tone chamber made of a solid mahogany, professional quality reeds with genuine leather reed valves, and excellent mechanics throughout. This fine acoustic instrument was originally built with solid-state electronics for organ sounds like Bell Duovox and the late generations Cordovox. Since the electronics is obsolete in the modern MIDI world I have removed it to reduce the wight of the instrument. In addition, the tonal projection is much better without the bulky circuit boards that used to be under the entire length of the grill. Now the accordion feels and sounds very similar to a Sonola SS6.

This full size professional tone chamber accordion is in tune, has excellent mechanics and a deep rich tone. It can be used for a variety of music and comes with a full year warranty serviced at the Accordion Gallery in Landing, NJ.

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The photographs below show the interior of the accordion. I have carefully removed the electronics.
This eliminates a lot of dead weight and the accordion becomes about 25 lb and very friendly to handle.

After removing the electronics I kept the grill original (picture below). The plastic switches that used to control the old
electronics are light weight and not connected to any wires. Some people do find them cool looking. They are
mounted on a panel that can easily be replaced with a metal mesh with some ornaments
(typical for the acoustic accordions) or with a custom engraved plate.

The accordion has mahogany body and a single piece mahogany tone chamber.
I have removed the reed blocks to show better the interior.

The wax and the reed leathers throughout are in excellent condition.

Next, let's explore the bass side interior - sound board, switches, reed blocks, and reeds...

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