All Original Dallape SUPERMAESTRO

Dear Accordion Friends,

This is a gorgeous accordion in excellent condition. It is so difficult to find one of these classic Dallape instruments from the 1960s. The interior is generously polished. The serial number is proudly engraved or stamped on the back of the accordion, each reed block, the tone chamber, bellows frame, and many metal parts. The sound flows out easily. Even though the accordion looks brand new it plays without any effort. The compression is excellent. The Supermaestro doesn't need a long description. This particular instrument has all original double-riveted hand-made Dallape reeds, never touched after the accordion left the factory. The original factory tuning has held remarkably well.
  This accordion will make you sound better!

The interior of this accordion is as impressive as its overall appearance.

All new treble valves, fabulous keyboard action, all metal parts have been anodized and will never corrode.

Clever mounting of the reed blocks in the tone chamber to maintain uniform pressure.

Double-riveted hand-made reeds were used for some special custom-ordered instruments.
The reeds hold the original factory tuning and have never been touched!

The wooden tone chamber introduces harmonic richness and tonal depth. 

The Dallape reeds are know with their penetrating power.
They never choke and have tremendous dynamic range.

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