Professional Compact Size Accordion

It is such a pleasure to find one these accordions from the best years of Excelsior, especially in such a good condition. This is a compact size instrument, perfect for strolling. It has been made with the same attention to detail and to the same quality standards as the full size Symphony Grand model. All internal metal parts are anodized to prevent rust. The bass and tenor reeds are the same double-riveted hand-made reeds you will find the the top of the line Magnante model. The overall reed response and tonal richness will rival any professional new accordion. The tone modulator is very efficient and gives warmth to the tone when closed. You will not miss a tone chamber and at the same time don't need to carry the extra weight it adds.

I acquired this instrument from Alex and Bell after the store closed. Alex had done a lot of work, most importantly, rewaxing all reeds and replacing the grill cloth. I continued the restoration by fine tuning the reeds, overhauling the keyboard and thoroughly cleaning the interior. Finally, I polished the body and this Excelsiola is ready for the most demanding strolling professional. Below is a summary of the features.

An accordion of this size and quality can only be made on a special order today and will cost $4500-5000. This particular instrument has been serviced at the Accordion Gallery and is ready for decades of trouble-free performance. It is priced right at a fraction of its replacement value today. All it needs is a new home and a proud owner.  Call me to hear it. Even better, visit the Accordion Gallery and try it yourself.

The rest of the story in pictures...

I overhauled the keyboard in September of 2017.  Cleaned the key bed and all valves...

... optimized the action one key at a time ...

... and leveled the keys.

You can see that all internal metal components have been treated against corrosion.

The interior is clean. The original reed leathers are excellent. The reeds are truly impressive - see the
close-up pictures below. There is one microphone under the grill and another one mounted on the reed blocks
(shown in the photograph below).

The next two photographs show a close view of the bassoon reeds.

Next, let's take a look at the bass reed blocks and reeds...

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