Giulietti Artist Model Accordion

This is a spectacular Giulietti Artist Model accordion, made in Italy in the 1970s. This instrument is a lighter version of the Giulietti Super model and features 3/5 sets of hand made double riveted reeds, the best reeds the company ever had. The reed configuration is LMM with dry/concert tuning. The bassoon (L) and clarinet (M1) reeds are in a tone chamber for that unmistakable "Giulietti sound". In addition to the rich and beautiful tone, this accordion has amazing air efficiency. 

Here is a summary of the features:

The palm master doesn't repeat above the keyboard. There are 7 different treble sounds.
This is a beautiful instrument. You can play very soft or very loud and the accordion will respond immediately. I couldn't find a bellows pressure threshold where the reeds would feel "starved" for air and the tone would lose its clarity. If you have experienced this effect you know what I am describing and what a pleasure it is to have this control over the dynamics of your music.

Enjoy the pictures below and if you feel you can't resist the temptation to own and play this beautiful accordion give me a call  at 973-770-6877 and I will be happy to answer any questions, offer a phone demo, or schedule an appointment for you to try it in person.

The accordion comes with excellent quality new bass, strap, shoulder straps, and bellows protector.

The interior is beautifully finished. All metal parts are anodized and will never corrode.

The accordion features absolutely amazing hand-made reeds, very efficient, and responsive, with lots of intrinsic
harmonic richness and tonal power. Many reed plates are stamped "GIULIETTI".

All reed leathers and the wax throughout are in excellent condition.
The reeds have been gently tuned by hand and never abused by power tolls.

The next series of pictures show the bass size interior.

... a close-up of the TENOR reeds,...

... BASS reeds,...

... and CONTRALTO reeds.

The picture above shows one of the bass microphones (to the left of the reed blocks).

The photograph below shows the second bass microphone (in the front left corner).
You can also see the anodized bass rods and valve rods.

The accordion is very clean. The compression is great. The tonal quality is excellent. This is a rare 3-reed version of
the Super model with ergonomic design and truly impressive efficiency. You will love this accordion.

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