Melodiana Symphony Cassotto Accordion

Dear Accordion Friends,

This Melodiana Symphony accordion is another spectacular instrument I am happy to present. It was made by Zero Sette in the 1960s and is almost identical to Giulietti Classic 127 made by the same company. This particular instrument has excellent compression, smooth mechanics, and a powerful rich tone. It will allow you to play a diverse repertoire with both concert and musette sounds. It will bring a smile on your face from the first chord you play. 
This is a beautiful accordion. The tonal character and overall feel is comparable to Petosa Chambertone and the early 1960s Giulietti with Guidobaldi reeds. The accordion plays effortlessly and produces a strong rich sound. You will love the entire tonal range from the deep chambered bassoon to the refined clarinet and cutting and brilliant out-of-chamber reeds. The entire instrument was built with the best materials and with remarkable attention to details. The metal parts are anodized. The reeds, leathers, and wax throughout are in excellent condition. The dynamic range of the reeds is truly impressive allowing the performer a full control over the projected sound level from very soft to full blast fortissimo. 

A demo is available by phone or Skype. Of course, the best experience would be to play the instrument in person. Be our guest at the Accordion Gallery and try it. You will also have the unique opportunity to compare this instrument to most of the legendary classic vintage and some of the best new accordions.

Accordion Gallery