Classic PETOSA P 800 ESM Accordion with S-2000 MIDI Package

Dear Accordion Friends,

It is a pleasure to offer a professional Petosa P 800 Musette MIDI accordion, fully programmed and ready to be used. This instrument features the famous Petosa hand-made reeds and solid walnut keyboard. The mechanics is indestructible. The tone is rich and powerful. With one set of bassoon reeds and three sets of clarinet reeds the instrument features both concert and musette sounds. Two of the clarinet reed sets are concert tuned (along with the bassoon and the bass side) and the third one is set for Italian musette. The 5 bass switches would allow you to find the perfect balance between treble and bass. In addition to the excellent acoustic features, the accordion has excellent stereo amplification and a full MIDI installation with very friendly grill controller. You can play this accordion as a fine acoustic instrument, as amplified accordion, as a MIDI instrument sounding like a full orchestra, or in any combination.

I can't stress enough how important it is to have a professional programming in order to enjoy the electronics orchestral capabilities of a MIDI accordion. With a Solton MS40 or Ketron XD3 (available on request) you can control in real time not only the orchestral sounds but the rhythms and styles, alternate between different variations of a particular pattern, play along with MIDI files etc. Of course, you can use this accordion with any other MIDI module you choose. Here is a taste of what is possible with this instrument. Videos courtesy of Petosa Accordions:

Chuck Berger - Solitaire
Chuck Berger - String of Pearls

The packages comes with the following accessories, already nicely interfaced and ready for real time performance:

Any MIDI module will work with this state-of-the-art system. The following (optional) MIDI modules/arranges are available for purchase with this accordion:

This instrument is excellent, both acoustically and cosmetically. The acoustic balance between treble and bass is excellent. The compression in excellent. I really like the fact I could have a dry/concert violin switch as well as musette tuned violin sound. With the custom tuning you can play a variety of music and always enjoy an authentic sound. The orchestral capabilities of the MIDI will open a whole new universe fro musical expression. LAst but not leas, the instrument looks beautiful with its custom engravings Swarovski crystls decoration.

Petosa accordions have always been among the best crafted in the industry. I hope you enjoy the pictures below and would be glad to hear from you if you've already experienced the charm of this accordion or would like to know more about it.

The profile of the palm master switch is very smart and helps avoid interference
with the performers right leg while the instrument is played in seated position.

The MIDI controller is fully programmed. Just connect the accordion to any external MIDI module and and amplifier/speaker
 and you can enjoy a whole new world of musical creativity and expression. The accordion can sound like a full orchestra
or you can feature the reeds and complement them with some string sound. Take some time with your MIDI module to learn
to use the introductions, endings, and various styles and you will be able to entertain not just yourself and your family
and friends but perform at large community or corporate events.

Let's take a look inside this beautifully crafted accordion...

All hand-made reeds and genuine leather valves are in excellent condition.

The installation of the electronic components is neat and professional and doesn't create any clutter.

Below are several close-up views of the custom engravings of the instrument.

Call 973-770-6877 with any accordion-related questions.

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