Classic PETOSA AM 1100 Accordion -  The Flagship Model!

Dear Accordion Friends,

This is a classic Petosa AM 1100 accordion, 1995 model in pristine condition.

The AM 1100 model features the best hand-made reeds available with double tone chamber and low-A bass configuration. This is a concert instrument with 12 treble and 10 (!) bass switches. It remains the flagship model of Petosa Accordions in Seattle.

This instrument is one of the best you can find, both acoustically and cosmetically. The tone is clear, yet rich and strong with lots of power, deep bassoon and clarinet, and strong piccolo. The acoustic balance between treble and bass is excellent. The bellows has 18 folds and lots of volume. The compression in excellent. With the additional reeds you can play a huge variety of music and always enjoy an authentic sound - jazz, classical, ethnic, Italian, French, polka - you have just the right type of tuning. The two sets of reeds will give you 21 distinct sounds. When you use the Tone Modulator you can have 42 different treble sounds! This is fantastic!

Our children and grandchildren will still admire the craftsmanship and the tonal personality of the AM 1100. Yes, I am confident there is future for the accordion. I see a revival each time my son plays at school and his friends are very excited about the sound. The time of prejudice is gone. You can tell by the accordion music featured in many movies and recent TV commercials for American Express and BMW. Even the popular TV show "The price is right" featured an accordion recently, a Petosa accordion. I hope you enjoy the pictures below and would be glad to hear from you if you've already experienced the charm of this accordion or would like to know more about it.

The profile of the palm master switch is very smart and helps avoid interference
with the performers right leg while the instrument is played in seated position.

Here is the complete package - the accordion with interchangeable musette reeds in a mahogany case
and the amplified grill with tone modulator, also stored in a custom made mahogany box.

There are 5 treble microphones for uniform gain across the keyboard range.
The amplification can be used in Mono or Stereo modes with independent Volume and Tone
controls for treble and bass channels.

Many things changed for me since 2003 when I made a trip to Petosa Accordions. At that time I worked as a systems engineer and between the long hours at work and the numerous business trips I was recharging myself emotionally by restoring accordions and playing my favorite music. I have been to many music stores and dealt with lots of sales people. The Petosa Family made me feel special. Joe and his father spent hours with me explaining and actually showing me the special features of their instruments. Their passion for the accordion could be sensed in the air. Time went by in a flash... Now I have my own small company for accordion restorations and sales and always remember my pleasant experience at Petosa. Joe Sr. and Joe Jr. are among my role models. I have been trying to make all Accordion Gallery guests feel special the way I felt at Petosa. Interestingly, it feels so natural to treat each fellow accordionist with respect and understanding once one is so passionate about everything related to accordions - from the music, to the original design ideas, to the fascinating process of crafting the actual instrument. 

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