Petosa Artista Compatto Pro "Rosewood" Accordion

This is a new Petosa accordion. "The Compatto Pro model offers compact portability with a beautiful genuine wood finish." The instrument features excellent mechanics and balance and weighs only 21 lb with 4/5 sets of reeds and a full rich tone. Long gigs will feel a lot easier and more pleasant.

Petosa Compatto Pro Rosewood LMMH Accordion Overview - video courtesy of Petosa Accordions.
Please, note that the video is made with the actual accordion presented here.

Below are links to some demo videos courtesy of Petosa Accordions. The accordion on the videos is the instrument offered for sale.

Petosa Compatto Pro LMMH Rosewood (Violin)

Petosa Compatto Pro LMMH Rosewood (Master)

Enjoy the pictures below and if you feel you can't resist the temptation to own and play this beautiful accordion give us a call at 973-770-6877 and we will be happy to answer any questions, offer a phone demo, or schedule an appointment for you to try it in person.

Let's take a look inside the accordion...

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