S. Soprani Professional Accordion

This S. Soprani is an all-original beautifully crafted Italian accordion. This particular instrument has been played with love and respect and was recently serviced at the Accordion Gallery. It looks like new. The chrome plating is clean and shiny. There is absolutely no bellows wear. The mechanical action is very good. The compression is excellent. The wooden body and reed blocks have matured nicely and will reward you with a resonant sound, rich with depth, brilliance, and overtones. 

This is a very clean accordion. It is air efficient and responsive and feels very comfortable to play for hours without fatigue. If you need a light weight full size professional accordion that will be reliable for many years this is a good opportunity to acquire it without the uncertainty of the "pawn shop" style descriptions (and questionable condition) on eBay.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions or to schedule a visit to the Accordion Gallery and play this accordion yourself.

The photograph below shows the back side of the grill. The wooden resonator you see is called "Tone Balancer".
Its effect is similar to a Tone Modulator.

The keyboard is level and silent. The original valves are in excellent condition.

The interior is clean. The serial number is stamped on all major components.
The reeds, leathers, and wax are all in excellent condition, exactly what you would expect
from a regularly played and professionally maintained accordion.

This vintage accordion has a story (or many) to tell. Just open your heart and play it.
You may be surprised it feels much more alive than many of the expensive new accordions you may own or have played...

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