Sartori Maestro II Accordion

We are pleased to present a beautifully designed and built stroller size professional accordion - Sartori Maestro II model. This instrument has been recently serviced at the Accordion Gallery, feels great, and sounds lovely. It is offered with our comprehensive one-year warranty. You will receive a clean accordion with excellent mechanics and compression, responsive reeds with rich tonal presence and impressive projection, and new straps to make handling of this ergonomically optimized instrument even more pleasant.
I believe this is a 1950's model. It is in very good condition and has that mature rich sound you would expect from a very well built accordion from the "Golden Age". I serviced the keyboard and made it feel like it was originally designed and comparable to the best new accordion keyboards made today. The original reed valves are in excellent condition. The tone is clean and well projected. If you have been looking for a full 4-reed sound from a compact size light weight accordion this instrument is worth your attention.

The accordion will come with new Italian shoulder straps with comfortable Velvet padding.

The keyboard was serviced in February 2018. The valves are excellent. You would love the action and response.
This keyboard is as good as any new accordion keyboard made today.

The interior is nicely finished. The reed wax, and leathers are in excellent condition.

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