SONOLA SS-4 Ernie Felice Model

I love Sonola accordions in each class. They have consistent hight quality, very responsive reeds, robust mechanics, and memorable tone. The Ernie Felice model is often referred to as the ultimate jazz accordion. This instrument is part of the famous Sonola Symphony Hall Series and features fantastic hand-made reeds. The accordion I am presenting here is a rare compact version with 18.5" keyboard length and a compact slim body (only 22 lb). You are going to love the harmonic richness of the Sonola. Playing and listening to the sound of this accordion is a treat for the performer and the audience.

The instrument was recently serviced:
- Keyboard overhaul
- Voicing and tuning
- Will come with new shoulder straps (not shown in the pictures)

The accordion is in very good condition. The hardware is clean with no rust. The excellent compression combined with the air efficient reeds and the light weight would allow a strolling musician to perform for hours without fatigue. The instrument is perfectly balanced both acoustically and mechanically.

You can hear the tone of a very similar Sonola Ernie Felice Compact model courtesy of Cathie Travers. Below are some suggested YouTube videos. - Winter Sun - Cathie Travers on SS4 Sonola - Cathie Travers - SOAVE
- ELEGY #2 - Cathie Travers / accordion, Ableton Live, FC300, 12-Step

You've got to play this accordion! See you at the Accordion Gallery...

Let's take a look under the grill...

The picture below shows a thin wood veneer shell under the grill. It serve the purpose of a Tone Modulator and
adds a warm woody texture to the tone. It could be easily removed if a brighter sound is preferred.

All original hand-made reeds, never abused by power tools; genuine leather valves

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