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Welcome to the Accordion Gallery Display at the AAA 75th Anniversary Celebration in NYC
Accordion Gallery

I would like to express my gratitude to Ivan Milev and Entcho Todorov for performing at the Accordion Gallery booth. Their music is always invigorating and inspiring.
Ivan Milev and Entcho Todorov

Entcho Todorov (violin) and Ivan Milev (accordion)

 Ivan Milev (accordion) and Entcho Todorov (violin)
   ... a cool mirror reflection (right) with some of the appreciative audience (left). Mario Tacca and Ivan Milev are among my favorite accordionists. It was nice to see them together and appreciating each other's talent.
Ivan and Entcho

Guenadiy Lazarov (Accordion Gallery) with Maestro Ivan Milev

Guenadiy Lazarov with Maestro Ivan Milev

One of the highlights of the festival was the presence of Aldo Mencaccini, the founder of Bell Accordions,
a master accordion maker and technician, and one of my mentors in accordion restoration.
Aldo's custom-made tools are still in action at the Accordion Gallery.

Guenadiy Lazarov with Aldo Mencaccini
 Having the Teacher's blessing is very inspiring ...
The Teacher's blessing

Getting together with Stanley and Joanna Darrow brings fond memories. My older son Stoyan took accordion lessons at the Acme accordion school in Westmont, NJ in 1999-2001. There was a time I would visit the school few times a week. Stoyan participated at the AAMS festival competitions till 2005. Now he also plays the guitar, clarinet, and piano but never gave up the accordion and still keeps his favorite Excelsior Symphony Citation in his college dorm room... I admire Stan and Joanna's devotion to the instrument and to music education. They provide unique environment for students of all agess and levels. It was very important for my son to play the accordion with other kids his age. I would say he benefited from "peer incentive". 

Guenadiy Lazarov (Accordion Gallery) and Joanna Darrow (Acme Accordion School)

Guenadiy Lazarov with Joanna Darrow

Aldo Mencaccini is greeting Stanley and Joanna Darrow at the Carmen Carrozza Luncheon & Concert

Stanley and Joanna Darrow with Aldo Mencaccini
Mike Bulboff's (Liberty Bellows) son Reed was probably the youngest participant at the festival...
Mike and Reed Bulboff
... and already considers his first accordion
Reed Bulboff's first accordion :-)
Frank Busso Jr. with Reed and Lauren Bulboff
Meet the Music Magic Family - Alex, Lilliana, and Petro Chudolij
DMusic Magic

Dan and Joan Grauman (SqueezinArt)

Joan and Dan Grauman

Joan Grauman and Cathie Travers

Joan Grauman and Cathie Travers

I met Cathie Travers on the Internet with help from my friends Dave Magliozzi and Dan and Joan Grauman.
Thanks to YouTube I was impressed by Cathie's original compositions and innovative approach to performing accordion music. What a pleasure it is to meet in person and listen to her perform!
I'm looking forward to CapeAccordion 2013 for more of the fascinating harmonies and bass patterns...

Cathie Travers
Greg Zhukoff

Greg Zhukoff
I was very pleased to receive complements on the Siwa & Figli accordions from Alex Carozza, the founder and owner of Alex Music (now Alex & Bell Accordions) in New York City.

Alex Carozza (right: holding the specifications sheet for the Siwa & Figli Super Cobra accordion)
with Mario Tacca (left) and Emilio Magnotta (center)

Mario Tacca, Emilio Magnotta, and Alex Carozza

The young Cody McSherry knows the hat gives Mario Tacca a special touch ...
Cody has a hat too and a special talent and charm of his own. Keep it up, Cody!

 Cody McSherry with Mario Tacca

Accordion music at Bryant Park in NYC

Assembling the International Accordion Orchestra

Accordion music at Bryant Park
Accordion music at Bryant Park
Accordion music at Bryant Park
 Accordion music at Bryant Park

Accordion Gallery friend Rob Trietsch owns the high ground at Bryant Park.
The International Accordion Orchestra performed the famous hit "New York, New York".  

Accordion music at Bryant Park

The Old Aker Band from Norway

Accordion music at Bryant Park
Musikforum Olching from Germany

Accordion music at Bryant Park

Virtual Tour of the Exhibit Hall

Accordion Gallery - Guenadiy Lazarov, Landing, NJ
Accordion Gallery

Busy Fingers - Annette & Tommy Doyle, Indialantic, FL
Busy Fingers
Emilio's Accordions - Emilio Magnotta, Stamford, CT
Emilio's Accordions
Ernest Deffner Affiliates - Frank Busso, Alexandria, VA
Ernest Deffner Affiliates
Gioia Productions - Mario Tacca and Mary Mancini, Cortland Mannor, NY
Gioia Productions
JANPress - Roxy's Music - Joe Natoli, Wooster, OH
Liberty Bellows - Mike Bulboff, Philadelphia, PA
Liberty Bellows
  Music Magic - Accordions USA - Alex and Lilliana Chudolij, Clifton, NJ
Music Magic
SqueezinArt - Dan and Joan Grauman, Frederick, MD
New England Accordion Museum - Paul Ramunni, Canaan, CT
New England Accordion Museum