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Stan and Joanna Darrow - virtuoso accordionists, educators, organizers of the AAMS Festival
Stanley and Joanna Darrow

My older son still plays the accordion and I have Stan and Joanna Darrow to thank for teaching and inspiring him. The Acme Accordion School is a treasure for NJ and I believe should be given a "National Treasure" status. The school is a special place where kids can find "pier incentive" to play music.

Stanley Darrow (Acme Accordion School) and Guenadiy Lazarov (Accordion Gallery)
Stan Darrow and Guenadiy Lazarov

Congratulations to 2015 AAMS Honorees Mario Tacca and Mary Mancini!
Thank you for sharing your art and passion with us.
Mario Tacca and Mary Mancini

Vladimir Mollov and Annie Mollova entertained the guests at the Saturday Night Gala Concert. These young and talented artists captivated the audience.  Their love for music and each other creates a special aura and you can't help feeling genuinely happy. 
Vlado and Annie
Vlado and Annie
Vlado and Annie

The music continued after the official concert - Vladimir Mollov, Dee Langley, and Bernie Gardzalla played variety of music - Balkan, Scandinavian, Irish, polka - so much fun!
Vladimir Mollov, Dee Langley, and Bernie Gardzalla
Dee Langley and Vladimir Mollov
Dee Langley and Bernie Gardzalla

Paul Ramunni is the director and owner of the New England Accordion Museum. Paul has been very kind to bring many of his special vintage accordions and was happy to share his knowledge with the appreciative audience. 
Paul Ramunni
Paul Ramunni

Everybody loves Paul ...

Joe Ciccone and Paul Ramuni
Joe Ciccone and Paul Ramunni - friends, accordionists, nice people to know

Mario Tacca and Paul Ramunni
Mario Tacca and Paul Ramunni

Joe Ciccone reunited with his precious and special Bell Accordion

Joseph Ciccone

Lenny Feldmann with Annie Mollova

Lenny Feldmann and Anniw Mollova

Clay Bobrowski and Joan Grauman saying hello to all accordion friends

Clay Bobrowski and Joan Grauman