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I was happy to meet Tom Boulos after years of e-mail and phone correspondence. It feels great to find a soul mate,
a person who shares the accordion love and a positive attitude to life and friendship. Tom was very kind to invite me
to his home and we had a great time playing his many fine accordions and exchanging accordion repair ideas. In addition to owning some of the finest accordions Tom is a proud oner of the oldest Nahat oud in existence. This is a marvelous piece of art. The back consists of dozens of small wooden pieces, linked together with intricate inlays of pearl and ivory. It must have taken many years of passionate and patient loving work to create such a musical instrument.

A mission to save a fine accordion

An important goal of my trip was to complete a project I had started earlier for a friend, Mario Attilo. Mario owns a beautiful Modern accordion made by Borsini. The instrument has a great sentimental value. I was pleased to be entrusted with the restoration of the instrument. After many hours of loving care at the Accordion Gallery restoration laboratory the accordion was brought back to life. Unfortunately, it suffered some injuries on its way back to AZ. (Sometimes FedEx folks are capable of causing a damage despite the most careful packaging job one could do.)
Having developed almost a personal attachment to this beautiful accordion I gave Mario my word I would make it to Arizona and would take care of a detached bass switch in person. The accordion is in excellent condition now and I believe both Tom and Mario are happy to know each other.

Mario and Tom

Mario is pleased to have his accordion back. 

Ziggies' Music - A favorite place for accordionists in Phoenix

If you play the accordion and live in the Phoenix area you probably know Dionne Hauke, the owner of Ziggie's Music.
In case you have not been to Ziggies's I encourage you to visit the store. You will immediately feel at home greeted
by Dionne's smile and surrounded by accordions of various brands and sizes. If you need accordion service Dionne
will be happy to help. I've been looking for an external pick-up for a button box with a small grill and not enough
room under the grill for the pickup. I checked several music stores in NJ and even got in touch with my friends in Castelfidardo, Italy to find the part. I can't tell you how pleased I was to find the part at Ziggie's Music.

Dionne, thank you for letting me play your father's Excelsior Symphony! It was a pleasure and honor. I believe this
is one of the best American made accordions I've seen.

We are proud to have the endorsement of Ziggie's Music for the SIWA & Figli Super Quattro Accordion.

Guenadiy Lazarov (The Accordion Gallery) and Dionne Hauke (Ziggie's Music)
share the love for accordions and accordion music.

The Arizona Accordion Club

Accordionists from many parts of the country could learn from the traditions of the Arizona Accordion Club.
The January meeting was packed of music ranging from Italian favorites to American classics, to jazz, to polka and even some exotic Balkan rhythms...  It is always great to get together with so many nice people, enthusiastic about the accordion music. A cocktail bar and delicious treats complemented the rich entertainment program. At the end of
the official performances there was a great informal party with Mario uniting everyone with his inspiring performance
of Italian songs.

I appreciate the opportunity to present the SIWA & Figli Super Quattro accordion. It was a great pleasure to play
some Balkan music for my new friends and to have them experience the charm and power of this new accordion.
I am very happy by the overwhelmingly positive response to the Super Quattro accordion.  Typical comments were "wow,  it is powerful", "easy to handle", "responsive", "beautiful"...

Look at everyone's smile - we sure had a great time at the AZ Accordion Club January 2008 Meeting.

New friends of SIWA Accordions

Here is a link to The Arizona Accordion Club January 2008 Meeting Slideshow