Professional Custom Built BELL Accordion

Dear Accordion Friends,

There are many nice instruments that can keep us satisfied and inspired. However, once you come across an exceptional quality accordion you know it from the first chord you play! We all deserve to find our ultimate accordion, the accordion we will never part with. Fortunately, we have different preferences and this makes the accordion world as exciting and colorful it is. I have found MY sacred accordion and I know how great it feels to be able to hear that dream sound each time you play. I am sure someone will soon feel the same way about the accordion I am presenting to you now.

This full size professional accordion is a very special instrument of exceptional quality! As the great accordion craftsman Aldo Mencaccini says, these accordions were built to last forever. According to the Bell catalog "The reeds are closely seated on individual duraluminum plates - then mounted on walnut-faced, highly varnished reed blocks. They "speak" immediately upon command - with tremendous carrying power for every subtlety of tone, from the most delicate to the most dynamic. The superlative quality of these reeds and the careful precision fitting of each read plate are a significant part of the reason for the beauty of Bell's tone."

I believe this was a custom-made accordion. It has serial number 1 and is the only one of its kind I have seen in more than 20 years of restoring accordions. The body is the same as on the Symphony model. However, there is no tone chamber. The resonant accordion body is crafted from aged mahogany and along with the brass sound boards serves as an extended resonant chamber, in a sense a tone chamber for all reeds. The tone modulator is wooden and of high quality, encompassing all treble valves like in the American-made Excelsior Symphony Grand models. The effect is absolutely indistinguishable from a tone chamber when you close the tone modulator. When I played this instrument before I purchased it I was convinced it was a chamber model based on its tonal character. Last month I serviced this Bell and was surprised a non-chambered accordion could produce such a rich deep warm tone. The Binci reeds are fabulous. The reed configuration is LMMH with a concert tuning. The accordion has been loved and maintained in great condition over the years.

Here is a link to a Dropbox folder where you can see more high resolution photographs and hear sound samples of this magnificent instrument. I suggest you listen with headphones:

This Bell is a legendary instrument with increasing value. It plays easy and rewards you and your audience with rich beautiful tone. You will recognize immediately the tremendous power and impressive tonal color from the Golden Age. This accordion will be a family treasure for the true accordion lover. 

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions. See you at the Accordion Gallery.

You can see the long wooden dividers between the walnut keys in the key bed of this instrument.
There is no side play by design. The keyboard feels solid and allows for very precise articulation.
Visit the Accordion Gallery and play this Bell side by side with almost any top of the line new accordion.
The keyboard and the overall performance of the Bell will match or surpass your expectations.

I have seen many accordions with a tone modulator made of plastic (muffling the tone instead of enriching it) and
with a large cut-out for mounting the treble switches (defeating the purpose of the tone modulator).
This Bell accordion presents how a good quality tone modulator should be build and implemented.

The bass mechanics is made with anodized metal components and will never suffer corrosion.

The interior of the instrument is pristine. All metal parts are corrosion-resistant.
Valves, reeds, wax, leathers - all in excellent condition.

The reeds have never been touched by power tools.

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