Professional BELL Double Tone Chamber Concert Accordion

Dear Accordion Friends,

There are many nice instruments that can keep us satisfied and inspired. However, once you come across an exceptional quality accordion you know it from the first chord you play! We all deserve to find our ultimate accordion, the accordion we will never part with. Fortunately, we have different preferences and this makes the accordion world as exciting and colorful it is. I have found MY sacred accordion and I know how great it feels to be able to hear that dream sound each time you play. I am sure someone will soon feel the same way about the accordion I am presenting to you now.

This full size professional accordion was custom built and can't be found in the Bell catalogs from the 1950-60s. Bell accordions were built in NYC until 1955-56. After that Aldo Mencaccini moved the production to Italy and only dealt with companies he would respect, companies with proven quality record that would adhere to his strict specifications. Some of these companies are Scandalli (the 25xx series), Sonola (the Symphony, Galaxie, and Starlet models), Borsini (the Super Star models), Bugari (a limited edition built in 1999-2000).

Based on the internal architecture of this instrument I think it was built in Italy in the late 1950s. This particular accordion was made by Sonola with wooden (American walnut) keyboard and double tone chamber. This would place it just before the Symphony model was released. A great advantage of this particular accordion is the light weight of 26 lb. The tone chamber design is very similar to the chamber in Dominic Cortese's Bell 4518.

Here is a link to a shared Dropbox folder with sound samples. I suggest you listen with headphones:

This Bell is a legendary instrument with increasing value. It plays easy and rewards you and your audience with rich beautiful tone. You will recognize immediately the tremendous power and impressive tonal color from the Golden Age. This accordion will be a family treasure for the true accordion lover.
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Let's explore the interior of this fine instrument...

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The overall performance of the Bell will match or surpass your expectations.

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