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Don McMahon and Leslie Alexandra - The Art of Accompanying a Vocalist.
Cape Cod Accordion 2011

Dallas Vietty accepts Don's challenge to transpose in real time for a singer who likes a "difficult key" :-)
Left to Right: Dallas Vietty, Dan Mackowiak and Janet Borelli
Cape Cod Accordion 2011
Lou Borelli (trumpet) joins Leslie (vocal) and Don (accordion)
CD and Dave
James Gerke and Don McMahon: "Take the A Train"
Don and Leslie's workshop smoothly transitioned into a jazz improvisation session...
Left to Right: Janet Borelli, Ian Blair Fries, Dave Magliozzi, and Doug Makofka
Dan Mackowiak, Dave Magliozzi, and Lou Borelli

Late evening: Don, Dallas, Dan, and Ian sight-reading from Janet's "treasure book" ...
   ... followed by Jazz Time with the soft music by Lou, Janet, and Ian
Dave and James impressed us all with their improvisations on stage (the fabulous deck at The Oaks) and in the kitchen. The pancakes were delicious. Much appreciated!
Imagine the taste of home-made pancakes under the morning sun,
a cup of coffee,
and live music with Dallas Vietty ...
Dr. Ian Blair presents Medical School for Accordionists
What looks like a chain of garlic handing from the umbrella is a real human spinal chord

Neapolitan songs followed by Roberto's passionate tango style - Dallas Vietty, Roberto Cassan, Lou Borelli ...
... James Gerke, Dave Magliozzi, and Tony D'Eramo
Guenadiy Lazarov revealing some secrets of the art to maintain and repair accordions

Playing music by request, from video games tunes to The Flight of the Bumblebee,
any idea the iPhone can give :-)
Leslie, Dallas, Nick, and Don
Dallas, Nick, James, Leslie, and Don
Parallel jam sessions - Lou, James, and Dave are deep into "Everything Happens To Me", while Janet and Ian can't have enough of Dallas' swing musette style - I wish we had a tripod with a camcorder in each room ...
It feels great to be among new friends and great musicians like Lou and Janet Borelli.
Lou kept us entertained not only with his trumpet and flute performances but also with many interesting stories about famous jazz musicians he has worked with.
Any place and any time is good for accordion music at Cape Accordion
James and Dallas on Friday morning - if we could stay another day ...
A week past like a day. The inspiration remains. We are already looking forward to Cape Accordion 2013.
Dave, thanks for the help with the "big chords". I will keep practicing ...