Dallape MAESTRO Accordion
Serial Number 30030

Here is another classic vintage accordion in very good condition. It was made in the late 1950s. The body was made from naturally aged hardwood. The chambers are perfect resonators. The fantastic hand-made reeds have been voiced and tuned for optimal dynamic range. The combination of woods and reeds results in an amazing tonal richness and power. The tone is powerful with both intensity and overtones. The compression is excellent. The serial number is proudly engraved or stamped on the back of the accordion, each reed block, bellows frame, and many metal parts. The accordion has been recently serviced and is offered with a full year warranty.

You can hear sound samples in the shared Dropbox folder (headphones recommended for full appreciation of the tonal quality and harmonic richness): 


The microphones have been removed. The potentiometers were left on the grill for aesthetic reasons.

The pick up for the microphones was the old style thread-in external type. When the microphones were removed the connector was also removed. The holes were properly sealed, so that there are no leaks. This area is covered by a piece of black tape (see picture below).

New bass strap, new shoulder straps, new bellows strap, new bellows protector

Let's explore the interior of this masterpiece ...

All treble and bass reeds have been recently re-waxed. The reed leathers are in excellent condition.

This is an original accordion. The serial number could be seen on all major components including each reed block.

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