Dallape SUPERMAESTRO Accordion
Serial Number 11

Dear Accordion Friends,

This is a fantastic accordion in very good condition. It was made around 1950 while Giovanni Gola was still at Dallape. The expert touch of the legendary master can be found throughout this spectacular instrument. The body was made from naturally aged hardwood. The chambers are perfect resonators. The fantastic hand-made reeds have been voiced and tuned for optimal dynamic range. The combination of woods and reeds results in an amazing tonal richness and power. This ergonomic 26-lb instrument is so efficient that you will be able to play twice as long before having to change the bellows as compared to a typical new 4/5 double-chamber accordion. The tone is powerful with both intensity and overtones. The accordion looks amazing after almost 65 years! The compression is excellent. The serial number is proudly engraved or stamped on the back of the accordion, each reed block, bellows frame, and many metal parts.

I believe this accordion would inspire anyone to play better.

For the last 2 years this instrument has been with my friend Alex Meixner (alex@alexmeixner.com) and has been used only on several recordings. Contact Alex for a demo.

Here is a link to a recent video demo from Alex:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PVZmjCUFgo


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