Dallape SUPERMAESTRO Serial Number 267

Here is a 1960's original Dallape Supermaestro accordion. The instrument has been serviced in December 2020:
- Cleaned interior and the body
- All treble and bass reeds cleaned and re-waxed (all new reed valves)
- Voiced and tuned to original Dallape specifications - 443 Hz concert
- Optimized action on treble and bass switches
- New bass strap
- New shoulder straps
- New bellows protector

The accordion sounds fabulous (sound samples included - see link below). The compression is excellent. You will love the efficiency and dynamic range.

You can hear sound samples in the shared folder (headphones recommended for full appreciation of the tonal quality and harmonic richness):


Call 973-770-6877 with any questions or to schedule your visit to the Accordion Gallery. An instrument like this one has to be played to be fully appreciated.

The keyboard edge and the palm master switch have some scratches (see photograph above).
Most likely they are from a wrist watch buckle. They do no affect the performance.

The next series of pictures will show the immaculate interior of the accordion.
All treble and bass reeds have been cleaned and re-waxed with all new reed valves. Voiced and tuned in December of 2020.

Double riveted hand-made Dallape reeds for the Tenor (above) and bass (below) sets, low-A reed configuration,
amazing tonal depth and richness

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