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Welcome to the Siwa & Figli booth at Musikmesse 2010!

Ivan, Alexandra, and Ivana Stanojlovic proudly present their Siwa & Figli Accordions,
fantastic instruments crafted with patience and passion.
Siwa & Figli at Musikmesse 2010

Meet some of our performers and friends

Christa Behnke and Pino Di Modugno - world class accordion artistry!
Christa and Pino
Share our excitement ... ... admiring the virtuosity of Christa and Pino
The audience ... ... and the performers

Mario Gatto and Pino Di Modugno

Video: Hiroshi Kawai

Buzor Nenic and Mario Gatto

Video: Dorjan Krljar

Goran Vorgic is a virtuoso accordionist and multiple times accordion champion of Yugoslavia and Serbia.
He teaches music at the Music School in Novi Sad, Serbia.
A Siwa & Figli Featured Artist, Goran appears regularly on live radio and TV shows.
Goran Vorgic at Musikmesse 2010

Dorjan Krljar is a professional accordionist and composer. A man of many talents, he went though a career change and recently rediscovered his love for music and passion for the accordion. Dorjan is a devoted Siwa & Figli fan an a representative and distributor for the company in Germany.
Dorjan Krljar at Musikmesse 2010

Roma, Klezmer, Balkan, French, Classical arrangements - Buzor Nenic's repertoire
is a musical journey around the world.
Buzor Nenic at Musikmesse 2010

Hannes Michor is among Siwa & Figli's most devoted supporters and friends. He has an impressive collection of Siwa & Figli accordions. It was a great pleasure to have him among our guests at Musikmesse 2010.
Hannes Michor at Musikmesse 2010

Dule Kremenovic performs at weddings and private events in Germany.
It was great to meet him in person at Musikmesse 2010.
Dule Kremenovic at Musikmesse 2010

Ivan Stanojlovic and Dorjan Krljar play Serbian folk music.
Ivan Stanojlovic and Dorjan Krljar at Musikmesse 2010

Accordion Gallery greetings from Musikmesse 2010
Guenadiy Lazarov at Musikmesse 2010

We received a lot of positive feedback for the Siwa & Figli accordions. People appreciated every aspect of the instruments - the appearance, the excellent balance and ease of handling, the instant reed response, the perfect blend between treble and bass sound, the precise mechanics. Our guests had a hard time putting the accordions down and we all enjoyed a variety of music. If you stopped by our booth at Musikmesse, please share your impressions, photos, and video clips. We will be glad to stay in touch.

Video: Dorjan Krljar

Accordion Gallery Musikmesse 2010 Memories

Hiroshi Kawai (Siwa & Figli representative for Japan) and Guenadiy Lazarov -
accordion friendship across the Pacific Ocean.
Guenadiy and Hiroshi

With partners and friends like Ivan Stanojlovic (right) and Sergio Domesi (left) we are sure we can offer our customers the best acoustic and electronic accordions. The success of the collaboration between the Accordion Gallery and Siwa & Figli is deeply rooted in our shared passion for the accordion and music in general.
Accordion Gallery and Siwa & Figli at Musikmesse 2010

It was a thrill to meet Amleto Dallape! The legendary man impressed me with his kind and humble personality.
Dorjan Krljar (left), Amleto Dallape (center), and Guenadiy Lazarov (right).
Guenadiy, Dorjan, and Amleto Dallape at Musikmesse 2010

Master Ivan Stanojlovic with some of his good friends and loyal partners - Here is to friendship and music!
Siwa & Figli Friends at Musikmesse 2010
Left to right: Dorjan Krljar, Hannes Michor, Goran Vorgic, Ivan Stanojlovic, and Guenadiy Lazarov.