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Welcome to the Siwa & Figli booth at Musikmesse 2014!
Greetings from the Master!

Ivan, Dragana, and Ivana Stanojlovic proudly present their Siwa & Figli Accordions,
fantastic instruments crafted with expertise and passion.

The Accordion Gallery and Siwa & Figli - Love at first chord...

Guenadiy Lazarov with Ivan Stanojlovic

With my good friends and fabulous accordionists Goran Vorgic, Dorjan Krljar ...

... and Dule Kremenovic

Michael Gallina (bass machine expect at Siwa & Figli), Dule Kremenovic,
Guenadiy Lazarov, Edo Sadikovic, and Ivan Stanojlovic

Edo and Dina Krilic performing at the Siwa & Figli booth
Please, visit for some great videos

I have been a fan of Edo and Dina for few years now and it was great to finally meet them in person.

Doa Krilic shares the music genius of her parents

Ivana Stanojlovic and Doa Krilic

Goran Vorgic joins Edo for an improvised duet - you would think they play together every day

Lelo Nika's Trio (Lelo Nika-accordion, George Mihalache - cimbalom, and Tommy Anderson - bass)
performing at the Siwa & Figli booth

These musicians can play really fast - see the above picture. My camera couldn't focus on their hands.
The photograph has not been digitally modified.

Ivan Stanojlovic and friends
(Miki Petric, Ivan Stanojlovic, Edo Krilic, Lelo Nika, Dina Krilic, Dragana Stanojlovic, and Guenadiy Lazarov)

Life is good :-)
It is truly inspiring to be in the company of accordion virtuoso Lelo Nika and
master accordion craftsman Ivan Stanojlovic

The Stanojlovic Family - the best hosts

Accordion Brothers - Ivan, Goran, and Dorjan

The Siwa & Figli accordions brought smile to every performer

... and more music ...

Let's get this party started ...

See what happens when Goran and Dorjan team up. Their music and energy is invigorating and
people start dancing and singing ...
Edo Sadikovic and Ivan Stanojlovic - musicians, dancers, singers -

soon joined by Doa Krilic

Do you notice the Euro bills in the bellows folds? By the end of the show
there are no more empty bellows folds :-).

After dancing a Serbian kolo Ivan and Edo are not even tired.

Ivan Stanojlovic and Guenadiy Lazarov with Edo and Dina Krilic
after their performance in the Concert Hall at Musikmesse

Lelo Nika Trio on stage in the Concert Hall at Musikmesse

What a memorable performance - I hope to post links to some videos ...

Guenadiy Lazarov, Amleto Dallape, and Edo Sadikovic
It was so nice to see Mr. Dallape still in good health and always with a smile.

--- Musikmesse 2010 ---

Master Ivan Stanojlovic with some of his good friends and loyal partners - Here is to friendship and music!
Siwa & Figli Friends at Musikmesse 2010
Left to right: Dorjan Krljar, Hannes Michor, Goran Vorgic, Ivan Stanojlovic, and Guenadiy Lazarov.