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Welcome to the Siwa & Figli booth at Musikmesse 2016!
Greetings from the Team - Dragana, Ivana, and Ivan Stanojlovic and Graziano Bontempi ...

... and me.

Meet our Featured Artists - Jordan Djevic and Marcel Cestari

Here is a link to Jordan & Marcel's performance -

Featured Artist Rok Švab

Celebrating Ivana's Birthday with live music ...

Jordan Djevic (center) and Edo Sadikovic (left) touched our souls with emotional Balkan folk songs.

Edo sings like an angel. Is the secret in the wine he is drinking? I'd like to have a bottle myself.

Ivan Stanojlovic is happy among friends and admires Joce's performance.

Joce's (Jordan Djevic) music and songs had us all inspired and ready to dance..
Dragana Stanojlovic and Dragana Kremenovic - sisters in happiness.
Marcel is having a great time too.

Ivana and Graziano enjoying the moment. Ivana still doesn't know the evening in not just for her birthday...

Graziano had something (a ring!) up his sleeve (hidden in Ivana's birthday cake).
Anticipation was already building up (and some concern Ivana might choke on the ring) when she found it -
a priceless moment.

I wish I had cameras on all angles :-).

The question ...

... and the answer.
Ivana's birthday evolved into an engagement party. You are a smart man, Graziano -
now it will always be easy to remember the date!

Congratulations to Ivana and Graziano! You have many friends cheering for you.

Congratulations to Ivan and Dragana as well!

They must be thinking how fast kids grow up ...

Rok is singing his hit "Ti moja Ruzice".

Rok's appreciative audience ...

As some point the evening took a surprising turn when Jordan and Rok changes instruments :-).

Everybody loves the new duet :-).

For me Musikmesse is the time of the year to reconnect with good friends.
Spending time with Dule and Dragana Kremenovic is always a pleasure.

Talking to Mr. Dallape is a memorable experience. It was so nice to see him again -
a legendary, yet humble man with a legacy in the Accordion World.

I missed some good friends this year - Dorjan Krljar, Goran Vorgic,
Dina an Edo Krilic, Lelo Nika, Hannes Michor ...

I am looking forward to Musikmesse 2017 and hope to catch up with you all.

--- Musikmesse 2014 ---

With my good friends and fabulous accordionists Goran Vorgic, Dorjan Krljar (2014)

With Miki Petric, Ivan Stanojlovic, Edo Krilic, Lelo Nika, Dina Krilic, and Dragana Stanojlovic (2014)

--- Musikmesse 2010 ---

Master Ivan Stanojlovic with some of his good friends and loyal partners - Here is to friendship and music!
Siwa & Figli Friends at Musikmesse 2010
Left to right: Dorjan Krljar, Hannes Michor, Goran Vorgic, Ivan Stanojlovic, and Guenadiy Lazarov.