Custom made SEM 502-D Gold Accordion
with Original 1960s Scandalli Super VI Concert Reeds

This is one of the last SEM acoustic accordions, custom made in 2009 with original 1960's Scandalli concert reeds, the reeds you would fine in the 1960's Scandalli Super VI accordions. The accordion was made for a collector and a friend of mine. I was fortunate to acquire it in 2014. The accordion was barely played. I enjoyed it for a few years and in May of 2018 performed a complete reeds voicing and tuning. Meanwhile, I purchased interchangeable musette reed blocks. This accordion is from my personal collection. I have been increasingly busy with accordion restoration work and had not played this particular instrument for almost a year. Last week I took it from the shelf and enjoyed it a lot. The tuning holds perfect. It really need to be played regularly, therefore the opportunity for someone else to love it and play it.

In 2003 SEM was acquired by Menghini. Prior to that Menghini had acquired the Scandalli and Paolo Soprani brands and changed the name of the combined company to Suoni. A few years later there was a restructuring and Paolo Soprani became again independent while Suoni changed the name of the new company to Scadnalli. In 2009 when this particular SEM accordion was built it was identical to the Scandalli Super VI models made at the same time. Since the Scandalli Super VI could sell for higher price because of the brand recognition it didn't make sense to sell acoustic SEM accordions and it was decided to keep the SEM brand only for reedless instruments. This is how this particular SEM (practically a 2009 Scandalli Super VI except for the cosmetic switches and grill design) remained one of the last acoustic models with reeds. While SEM was still an independent entity they produced high quality instruments for other companies like Iorio, Concerto, Imperial, Pietro, etc.

The accordion I am presenting here  features 4/5 sets of hand made original 1960s Scandalli concert reeds, the same reeds used exclusively in the Super VI models. The accordion is made of mahogany and has a single piece mahogany tone chamber. All reed valves are made of genuine leather. The metal parts throughout (even the internal brackets) have been gold plated. The mechanics is flawless. The accordion is in tune, set to 441 Hz with only a few cents added to the out-of-chamber clarinet reeds for a lovely violin sound. The reeds play easy and deliver a rich and full tone. Included is a matching quality hard case with internal padding and protective cover for the keyboard. This is another special instrument we are happy to offer with the exclusive Accordion Gallery warranty

This spectacular showroom model comes with 2 years warranty. It feels great, sounds fantastic, and looks impressive. We invite you to the Accordion Gallery to experience the effect of merging the best from the Golden Age reed making and the modern art of accordion manufacturing. You can tell the effect of the original 1960's concert reeds by playing this accordion side by side with the current Scandalli Super VI with new reeds. If this is not already a tempting offer, consider the opportunity to perform on an M-series late 1950's Super VI and mid-1960's N series Super VI accordions with the same reeds featured in the SEM accordion offered here. I am sure you will bring these reeds home!

Please, note the quality throughout - a single piece mahogany tone chamber,
gold-plated hardware including the reed blocks brackets, perfect finish...

This accordion has original 1960s Scandalli Super VI Concert Reeds with the original genuine leather reed valves!
The reeds have been gently and expertly tuned inside the accordion for the ultimate response and tonal quality..

The bass reeds have low-G configuration. This was achieved by using new hand-made reeds for the
Bass set (G1-B1) and Tenor set (G2-B2). All other bass reeds are original 1960's Scandalli reeds.

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