Scandalli Super VI Accordion

Dear Accordion Friends,

Here is a beautiful white pearl finished Scandalli Super VI model from my collection. It features hand-made reeds with genuine leather valves. With this instrument I could offer you optional interchangeable reed blocks that would allow the perform to enjoy both concert LMMH and full musette LMMM accordions by swapping the two out-of-chamber reed blocks. See below for detailed description. The pictures will tell the rest of the story.

The M2M3 reed blocks if purchased with this instrument will replace the M2H reeds. The bassoon, clarinet, and bandoneon sounds will remain the same. The other switches will produce different type of musette sounds allowing for Italian, German, and French musette. For example the Musette (M1M2H) switch is concert tuned with the LMMH reed set but will produce French musette in the LMMM reed set corresponding to M1M2M3.

Call us at 973-770-6877 with any questions, for a phone demo, or to schedule your visit to the Accordion Gallery where you can try the accordion yourself and compare it to many other fine new instruments as well as some of the best classic vintage accordions.

Let's take a look inside this beautiful instrument...

The interchangeable reed blocks come safely secured in a wooden case.
It takes only a couple of minutes to transform this Scandalli from a concert tuned instrument into a full musette accordion.
The M2M3 reed blocks with replace the out-of-chamber M2H reed blocks.

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