Siwa & Figli "Exclusive" - Limited Edition 35th Anniversary Model Accordion

Siwa & Figli released a limited edition "Exclusive" series accordions to commemorate the company's 35-th anniversary. Only 10 accordions will be made with these specifications. What makes this model stand out is the combination of features from the most popular Super Quattro Artist and Super Cobra models. The Super Quattro is the full size double tone chamber model with 19.25 " (49 cm) long keyboard. The Super Cobra is the compact version of the same instrument with 18.5" (47 cm) keyboard length and a compact body design. The "Exclusive" model combines the compact body of the Super Cobra with the full size 19.25" keyboard of the Super Quattro. If is a very comfortable accordion to play. The weight reduction on the bass side is truly welcome and desirable for long gigs.

Selecting a Siwa accordion you partner with a team of musicians, craftsmen, and engineers with knowledge of the time-tested accordion building practices and access to state of the art technology, a team enriched with experience of restoring more than 1000 accordions and able to combine the best features from all of them, a team with a vast network of accordionists constantly providing their feedback. You become part of a Community.

The Siwa & Figli tone chamber accordions will remind you of the finesse and richness of the 1960's Super VI treble sound, enhanced with the 1980's Guerrini President deep and strong bass sound. Yet, they have a character of their own. The Exclusive model has been ergonomically optimized and is about 2.5 lb lighter than the Guerrini with the center of gravity brought closer to the performer's body. The mechanical and acoustic balance is impressive. The overall efficiency is extraordinary. You can enjoy a vast dynamic range and play from very soft to very loud and the instrument will respond instantly to your creative artistic demands. You have to experience the accordion and be aware of how little effort it needs to reward you with its harmonic richness and explosive response.

Here is a summary of the features.

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