Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Compact Model Accordion

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Hello Accordion Friends,

This particular accordion is very dear to me. It is the first Super Quattro Compact model and has helped me sell many after people tried it and loved the open and rich sound combined with light weight and compact body design. You can think of the SQ Compact model as the SQ Artist without the tone chamber. The instrument has the same hand-made reeds and resonant reed blocks. It has become the accordion of choice for many polka performers in the country.

Selecting a Siwa accordion you partner with a team of musicians, craftsmen, and engineers with knowledge of the time-tested accordion building practices and access to state of the art technology, a team enriched with experience of restoring more than 1000 accordions and able to combine the best features from all of them, a team with a vast network of accordionists constantly providing their feedback. You become part of a Community.

Here is a summary of the features.

You can hear a SOUND SAMPLE at the link below. Please, listen with headphones to fully appreciate the tonal quality and character of the accordion:!AsErJouBehnuhkkIWz-pldXAZq-T?e=X7A0Sf

Here is a video of Alex Meixner in action with his Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Compact accordion:

Marica Moja & Rostou Rostou Medley - Alex Meixner Band - Rhode Island 2013 - YouTube

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The interior is beautifully finished...

Next, let's explore the bass side interior...

See you at the Accordion Gallery.

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