Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Artist Elegant Chromatic Accordion

The Super Quattro Artist is the top of the line and best-selling Siwa & Figli concert accordion. The Super Quattro Artist was inspired by some legendary accordions like the 1960's Scandalli Super VI and the 1980's Guerrini President as well as 60 years of combined experience of Ivan Stanojlovic at Siwa & Figli and Guenadiy Lazarov at Accordion Gallery. Selecting a Siwa accordion you partner with a team of musicians, craftsmen, and engineers with  knowledge of the time-tested accordion building practices and access to state of the art technology, a team enriched with experience of restoring more than 1000 accordions and able to combine the best features from all of them, a team with a vast network of accordionists constantly providing their feedback. You become part of a Community.

Many accordionists have joined our Siwa & Figli Community as customers, featured artists, friends. We invite you to try the Super Quattro and experience its tonal quality and character. It will remind you of the finesse and richness of the 1960's Super VI treble sound, enhanced with the 1980's Guerrini President deep and strong bass sound. Yet, the Super Quattro has a character of its own. It has been ergonomically optimized and is about 1.5 lb lighter than the Guerrini with the center of gravity brought closer to the performer's body. The mechanical and acoustic balance is impressive. The overall efficiency is extraordinary. You can enjoy a vast dynamic range and play from very soft to very loud and the instrument will respond instantly to your creative artistic demands. You have to experience the accordion and be aware of how little effort it needs to reward you with its harmonic richness and explosive response.

This particular instrument features 6-row B-system chromatic keyboard and 140 bass buttons. It sets the quality standard for the new chromatic Balkan accordions made today.
This accordion will remind you of the tonal richness and power of the 1980's Guerrini Champion President. However, the Siwa & Figli instrument is lighter. The weight reduction comes from the redesigned bass section and improves the overall balance. There are two reed blocks in the chamber and 2 reed blocks out of the chamber (see pictures of the interior), similar to the classic piano accordion design. This is an improved reed blocks layout compared to the 1950-60's Scandalli Chromo Superior and Dallape Organtone that had 3 reed blocks out of the chamber and 3 (Scandalli) or 2 (Dallape) reed blocks inside the chamber that made them as deep as a 5-reed accordion and even heavier.

Here are some videos recorded with a 6-row chromatic Super Quattro courtesy of
Franjo Pavic: 

This is a new accordion. It
is offered with three years warranty serviced at the Accordion Gallery. Local support is very important.
The new owner will enjoy a beautiful instrument with smooth mechanics, impressive tonal character, and very strong sound projection. 

Call me at 973-770-6877 to schedule your visit to the Accordion Gallery and try this beautiful instrument.

The keyboard is perfectly aligned and calibrated for a smooth silent action with soft fast action. This is the classic
Guerrini Champion design with all buttons stopping at an intermediate felt-lined plate. The entire back surface of
the buttons is resting on the intermediate plate when the button is pressed down.
This design guarantees consistent travel of all buttons and improves playing speed.

Some manufacturers have eliminated the intermediate keyboard plate. While this saves time and cost it compromises
the long-term keyboard action. When you press a button its metal rod stops at a felt layer glued to the key bed.
Since the metal rod has much smaller surface compared to the button the rod digs into the felt and causes faster
wear in the areas of the keyboard that are used more. The corresponding buttons will travel deeper, will become
noisy and the overall keyboard action would feel sluggish.

The interior is beautifully finished. The instrument was crafted from aged mahogany and features
solid-wood tone chamber and custom-voiced hand-made reeds with genuine leather valves.

The L-shaped bass reed blocks for the Bass and Tenor reed sets serves the purpose of a tone chamber
for the lowest octave bass reeds. It improves the response time and adds harmonics to the tone.
The low-G reed configuration results in a deep powerful bass sound without compromising the reed response.

The accordion comes with an excellent solid case with reinforced corners, thick internal padding
and a cover for keyboard protection.
The keys for the case are included.

See you at the Accordion Gallery.

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