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  • Inspect the box and make sure there are no signs of abuse. If there are suspicious marks or holes, take pictures.

  • Remove the accordion from the cardboard box. Keep the packaging materials until you make sure there are no shipping damages.

  • Unpack the accordion from the bubble-wrap plastic.

  • If you see a tape over the bass buttons, please remove it. This type of tape will not leave glue residue. (Sometimes  we place clear tape over the bass buttons to hold them together. )

  • Remove the shipping shims from the bass side of the instrument following the step-by-step directions below.

We recommend that you place a towel on the table. Then sit next to the table and keep the accordion with the keyboard facing down and away from you, toward the table. You can support the edges of the keyboard with your
legs so that there is no pressure on the palm master switch. For more comfort you can lean the bellows against the table. Make sure the towel is beneath to avoid scratches.

Release the bass strap.

Remove the bass panel. Usually it is mounted by 4 screws. Sometimes there
might be a smaller screw on the side. Make sure you don't forget to remove it.

Remove the cardboard strip beneath the bass rods. It is inserted along the stop rail to
revent the bass buttons from getting stuck beneath the bass board during shipping. On
some accordions the cover of the stop rail is larger and will have to be removed to access
the cardboard strip. This is the case shown in the pictures. Remove the wooden cover and be careful with the small screws. Make sure you don't drop any of them inside the bass machine.

When removing the cardboard strip, please make sure the bass buttons will remain in the grooves. It helps to use one hand to keep them in place while slowly removing the shim. If
you keep the accordion supported on your legs and against a table as described above you will have no problems with bass buttons getting out of order.

If you feel more comfortable with the above procedure or the shipping shim can be removed without removing the cover over the bass stop rail then you can put the accordion on the table in upright position (as you would play it). Then follow the same steps as above. Here are some pictures.
daquila-bass-4b.jpg daquila-bass-3b.jpg

  • Assemble the accordion in reverse order. Mount the cover over the bass stop rail. Install the side bass panel. Make sure the air valve button is in its whole. Attach the bass strap. Be patient. It might take few attempts to start the screw. You can use a small screwdriver to help position it properly. Give me a call if you need help.

  • Leave the accordion at room temperature for about 20 minutes.

  • Use the air valve to open and close the bellows several times without pressing any keys or buttons.

  • Play your favorite music and enjoy the beautiful tone of the accordion.