Acctone (Serenellini) Accordion with Professional Limex Microphones

This is a lovely Acctone accordion made in Italy by Serenellini for Accordion Connections. We acquired it from the original owner. The accordion has been maintained at the Accordion Gallery including a recent tuning. This instrument is in excellent show-room condition. We are offering it with 2 years warranty. It only weighs 22 lb (with bellows protector and straps). You can enjoy the custom musette tuning and the robust low-G bass. The mechanics works very smooth. The compression is excellent. As stated above, the condition is virtually like new.

The instrument is virtually new. The musette tuning is tighter than the typical French musette and gives the performer more cutting tonal projection. This would be a perfect polka accordion for a strolling entertainer. The pictures will tell the rest of the story. Enjoy.

This instrument is equipped with the best microphones you can have in the accordion world.
The MC3 grill controller gives you easy and independent control of the volume and spectral characteristics
of treble and bass microphones. The 3-band frequency equalizer is a very useful feature.
There is no internal battery to worry about. A brief manual is included and explained all special features.
The accessories come in a Limex soft bag.

The long black cable (on the right in the picture below) connects to the accordion bass side plug (see picture above)
and to the proprietary Limex bundle cable (on left in the picture below). The bundle cable has stereo audio
output (black and gray 1/4" jacks), audio output for an optional (not included) vocal microphone (blue 1/4 " jack),
MIDI out (if MIDI is installed, not in this case), and power connector for the wall adapter (shown in the middle
in the picture below).

There are 10 treble condenser microphones for uniform amplification of the entire keyboard range.
In the bass compartment there are 3 bass microphones. The performer can adjust independently the volume and
tonal characteristics of treble and bass microphones for a perfect balance depending on the room size.

The microphones have wind caps for outdoor performance. The grill controller has 2 memory banks
to store two of your preferred settings, say indoor and outdoor microphones settings.

The interior of the accordion is nicely finished. All reeds, reed valves, and the wax throughout are in excellent condition.
This one-owner instrument has been maintained exclusively at the Accordion Gallery.

Call 973-770-6877 with any questions or for a phone demo. Even better, visit the the Accordion Gallery.
The amount of accordion related knowledge you will acquire and the opportunity to play some of the best accordions
ever made is a unique experience well worth your time and effort.

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