ACCTONE (Serenellini) Cassotto Accordion

This is a new (show room) top-of-the-line Acctone accordion made in Italy by by Serenellini. It is identical to the Serenelini Imperator model. The instrument was imported by Accordion Connections, now part of the New England Accordion Connections & Museum Company. This full size professional instrument features 4/5 setts of hand-made reeds with LMMH reed configuration, double tone chamber, and ergonomic design. Please, see the specifications and pictures below for more details. 

Here is a summary of the features:

This is a very versatile accordion. The switches highlighted in blue produce musette sound. The remaining switches are dry/concert tuned. The accordion can be used for a wide variety of music. 

You will enjoy the contrast between the warm deep Bassoon and Clarinet sounds and the brilliant musette sound on the Violin and Musette switches. The Organ and Harmonium switches are excellent for classical repertoire. The accordion is offered with two years warranty serviced at the Accordion Gallery in Landing, NJ. Local support is very important. If you had to wait while your new accordion is being shipped to Italy for repairs you know how frustrating this could be.

Give us a call at 973-770-6877 and we will be happy to answer any questions, offer a phone demo, or schedule an appointment for you to try the accordion in person.

The photographs below show the interior of the accordion.

Call 973-770-6877with any questions.

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