Professional BELL Accordion - Model 2520C, made by Scandalli

This professional Bell accordion, Model 2520C, was made in Italy by Scandalli in the1960s. The Serial Number is N 411/631. This instrument is almost equivalent to the Scandalli Professional 20C model. (The only difference is the grill and treble switches design.)  It features 4/5 sets of hand-made reeds (the same reeds you find in the legendary 1960's Scandalli Super VI models) with the bassoon reeds in a tone chamber. The bass reed blocks are mounted by spring-loaded bolts to properly manage the tension along the surface of the blocks. The lowest note on the bass side is F# ! The body of the instrument has the classic design used also for the famous Super VI model Scandalli. It is carved from aged mahogany and nicely finished throughout. When you play the accordion you can feel the vibrations with your body, especially with the excellent recent tuning, performed inside the instrument in the classic tradition of the Italian craftsmen. If you have played a relatively new single chambered accordions you may have notice the body is as deep as a 5-reed instrument. Not on this Bell. It has the same depth as measured across the bellows as on the double chambered model. It feels comfortable to play and the center of gravity remains close the the chest of the musician.

This Bell accordion sounds rich and clear. It is easy to play. The tuning is beautiful. The internal overtones and resonances will make your hearth sing. The bassoon is deep and "thick" as you would expect from a tone chambered instrument. The middle octave reeds are clear and strong. The piccolo adds brilliance to the tone. You can play a variety of music. Each treble and bass switch offers a unique blend and will "call" for certain tunes from your repertoire. Call us at 973-770-6877 with any questions, for a phone demo, or to schedule your visit to the Accordion Gallery where you can try the accordion yourself and even compare it to many other fine vintage and new instruments.

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