BELL (Borsini) Cassotto Jazz MIDI Amplified Accordion

This professional BELL accordion is a rare model, built by Borsini for Aldo Mencaccini, the founder and owner of BELL Accordions till 2006. This unique instrument was built to the same quality standard as Borsini's top of the line Super Star model. This BELL was ergonomically optimized with a very slim body design and 2/4 sets of reeds. The bassoon and clarinet reeds are both in a tone chamber like in the Sonola SS4 Ernie Felice model. This way we have the perfect instrument for a jazz accordionist - light weight, very efficient, and with with the deep warm tone produced by the chambered reeds. Same as the Sonola SS4, this BELL has a tone modulator in addition to the tone chamber. The modulator adds more nuances to the tonal character of the accordion. This lovely acoustic instrument has factory installed MusicTech KING MAJOR MIDI and Sennheiser condenser microphones.

Here is a summary of the features.
The following (optional) MIDI modules/arranges are available for purchase with this accordion
The accordion is offered with one year warranty. The new owner will enjoy a beautiful instrument with smooth mechanics, impressive tonal character, and very strong sound projection. The MIDI will open a whole new world for orchestration and musical expression. The microphones can be used independent of the MIDI. I would recommend this accordion to anyone who likes a light weight strolling instrument of professional quality, with full size keyboard and tone chamber. Through the MIDI interface the performer can access many musette accordion sounds as well as hundreds of orchestral sounds. This way, the instrument could be used for any music style, perfect for an entertainer

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The MIDI controller is programmed. Through the gill panel the performer can recall any preset, activate bellows dynamics,
turn on/off each MIDI channel etc. A manual in PDF format will be included with the accordion.

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