BELL Cassotto Musette Accordion
with MIDI, sound card and Sennheiser microphones

Aldo Mencaccini, the founder and owner of BELL accordions (till 2006 when he retired) was one of my mentors in accordion restoration. I have a high respect for the man. With the first BELL accordions made in the 1950's in NYC Aldo established a very high quality standards for the brand. In the late 1950's the factory in NYC was closed and since then BELL accordions have been made in Italy under Aldo's personal supervision. Each accordion he sold in the USA was built to his specifications and was personally inspected. The original and only owner has entrusted me with the service and sale of the instrument.

The accordion features hand-made reeds, double tone chamber, elegant classic body, and flawless mechanics throughout. This fine acoustic instrument has Sennheiser condenser microphones and state of the art MusicTech MIDI with electromagnetic sensors and built-in sound card. The grill controller is fully programmed. There is also a wireless MIDI MusicTech package (transmitter and receiver).

This is a very well made professional accordion backed by the reputation of Bell Accordions' founder Aldo Mencaccini and recently serviced at the Accordion Gallery. This instrument combines excellent acoustic tonal quality with top of the line electronics and is suitable for any type of repertoire. The electronic features have been tested and work fine. The acoustic accordion is covered by a full year warranty serviced at the Accordion Gallery in Landing, NJ.

Call 973-770-6877 for a demo or to schedule an appointment for an exciting visit to the Accordion Gallery.

The MusicTech DIGISOUND module serves as a power supply and tone generator. The sound card is inside this box.
The programmed presets are stored on the grill MIDI controller. The wireless MIDI receiver looks identical to the
Digisound module. The wireless transmitter is a belt power pack with the size of a cigarette pack.

Please, note that not all MIDI accessories are shown in the pictures but will be provided with the accordion.You will
receive the power cords, audio cables, MIDI data cable (shown in the picture below), volume pedal,MIDI cable for
connection with an optional external MIDI module, and a cable connecting the accordion to the wireless transmitter.

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