BELL Duovox Tone Chamber MIDI Amplified Accordion

This is a professional accordion built by Sonola for Bell. This would be the equivalent of the Sonola SS6 model with 3/4 sets of reeds and double tone chamber. The Bell Duovox was designed with solid-state electronics to emulate other musical instruments. The old electronics has been removed and modern state of the art Musictech MIDI was installed.

Here is a summary of the specifications, followed by a lot of pictures to tell the full story. 

The grill MIDI controller allows access to most of the electronic features. You can use this accordion with any MIDI module/expander like Solton, Ketron, Korg, Roland, Orla etc. (many of them are available at the Accordion Gallery and could be provided with this accordion). The grill controller could be programmed to recall your favorite sounds with a push of a button. You can use bellows pressure to control the volume of the orchestral sounds (bellows dynamics) for the treble side, bass side, or globally (both treble and bass). Alternatively, you can keep bellows dynamics active for the treble side and control independently the bass and accopmaniment volume with the foot padal.

This is a very versatile instrument. You can play it as a fine acoustic accordion, as an amplified accordion, as electronic (MIDI) instrument, or in any combination of these features. I have tested all acoustic and electronic features and they work perfect.

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