BELL Jazz Cassotto Accordion

I am presenting a rare Jazz model BELL accordion, made by Sonola with similar specifications as the Ernie Felice SS4 model. You can think of this instrument as a lighter 2-reed double chamber version of the Bell Symphony. According to the Bell catalog "The reeds ... "speak" immediately upon command - with tremendous carrying power for every subtlety of tone, from the most delicate to the most dynamic. The superlative quality of these reeds and the careful precision fitting of each read plate are a significant part of the reason for the beauty of Bell's tone." This particular accordion features hand-made MAGNATERA reeds!

Here is a link to a shared Dropbox folder with sound samples. Please, listen with headphones to fully appreciate the tonal quality of the instrument:

This Bell is a legendary instrument with increasing value. Please, listen to the above sound samples with good head phones. The harmonic richness of the instrument is impressive. You will recognize immediately the tremendous power and impressive tonal color from the Golden Age. This accordion will be a family treasure for the true accordion lover. 

Single piece, solid mahogany tone chamber...

Nicely varnished reed blocks with Walnut base

The original factory tuning holds remarkably well. The reeds have never been abused by power tools.

Let's take a look inside the bass machine...

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