Professional BELL Accordion - Unique Custom Model

Dear Accordion Friends,

This is a very special Bell accordion. Apparently, it is a custom crafted instrument. It is a special and enhanced version of the 4516 model with ivory-finished keyboard and treble switches and chrome plated bass switches. The 4516 model has 10 treble switches while this instrument has 11 and the additional switch is very important - the Harmonium (LMH)! The accordion features 4/5 sets of hand-made reeds. "They "speak" immediately upon command - with tremendous carrying power for every subtlety of tone, from the most delicate to the most dynamic. The superlative quality of these reeds and the careful precision fitting of each read plate are a significant part of the reason for the beauty of Bell's tone." The reed configuration is LMMH with a concert tuning. The accordion has been professionally serviced at the Accordion Gallery and is guaranteed to please its next owner.

This Bell accordion sounds rich and warm. The beautiful overtones and the perfect blend between treble and bass sound will bring tears of joy in your eyes. You will feel the vibrations even through the chest pad. It is difficult to stop playing. Each treble switch has its own flavor and will evoke musical ideas. After playing this instrument for several days I feel addicted to it. Why let it go, you would ask. Well, how many special accordions can one play at the same time? With each one I restore I become richer gaining a new friend. Call me to hear it, visit the Accordion Gallery and share the addition. Chances are I will have a new friend and you - new accordion. 

Accordion Gallery